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Journal Update: Recipes are hard, so are kettlebells

Well I have to mention that it is my mother’s birthday. Happy Birthday Mom! I get her a nice spiffy air purifier for her birthday since I knew she would never get one but really wanted to try it out.

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Journal Update: Kettlebells make you sore…

So my last post mentioned that I did a kettlebell workout at home right? Well that one workout had me sore and near unable to walk until SUNDAY! Bad news for working out, but the goods news is I have been on plan eating at or below 1800 calories even with heading out to some restaurants.

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Journal Update: As always struggling to stay up to date

It has been going well. I have not had too much to report the last two days. More unexciting getting to 1800 calories in not the best way sort of things. I am making slow progress and this is all about the journey right?

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Journal Update: It has been 5 days, where have I been?

Well August 6th and 7th were a little bit off the normal eating for the week. It was my son’s 5th birthday so I had a special permission to eat some cake and whatnot on Saturday from my wife. I really did not eat too well that day considering we had the party catered by a good BBQ place. I had a piece of cake and enjoyed it thoroughly. I have to say that overall even with Saturday and some poor choices on Sunday it has been over a week now since I have binged and that feels great.

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Journal Update: Still going

It was mostly a good day today except for my workout. I almost passed out during my cardio this morning with my trainer. She looked a little worried. I felt a little loopy, and I think it was because I was slightly dehydrated and I had missed my blood pressure meds. Such is life when you miss things like that I guess. I had a decent workout, not what I really wanted. As luck would have it I had a doctors appointment and talked to the doctor about changing some medications around and am pretty optimistic about some of the decision we made.

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Journal Update: Word

It was a good day as far as my diet went. I kept myself in line and got to my 1800 calories a little faster then I wanted to thanks to a visit to Applebees with my wife and some great soup and salad time. It was good though to balance my eating as opposed to ignoring the problem.

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Journal Update: Already started it off again

Things today are better then they were on Friday. I have been binge free since Friday and on a steady 1800 calories a day eating plan which has been working. What is making it work up in my mind right now? I bargain and a promise I made to my wife in exchange for a nice gift. We came to a deal that I got to get something I thought was cool and in exchange I would promise to stay on a MINIMUM 3 day a week workout plan with an 1800 calories a day diet. Why is this working for me?

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