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Journal Update: Tomorrow is the busiest day of the week…

So the title of this update is an old Spanish proverb about procrastination. I am a life long procrastinator and need to recover. I am sorry I have been gone for a week with no real explanation. The basic explanation is that I was on a complete shame and failure spiral and did not want to keep writing about it. What is the point of sharing day after day of failure with all of my readers? I wish I had the answer to that, but I will still share regardless.

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Journal Update: Survived the weekend!

I am still stuck at being up in weight.  299 is my current place holder, but on the plus side I had a great weekend with my wife, mother-in-law and kids.  I feel like I made quite a bit of progress getting myself out of my depression.  I did not binge, but I did not eat especially healthy.  I have been thinking about what Louis commented about in my last post and I am definitely an all or nothing personality type.

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Journal Update: How do I move forward?

If you read my blog semi frequently I am sure you have noticed that my posts have been less regular over the past couple of weeks. I have not made a secret of the fact that I am struggling staying on my weight loss plan. I have had a series of bad days, and one of my worst stretches was the past weekend. There is nothing going on in my life that is causing any more stress then is usual. The kids are great, my wife is amazing and life is pretty good.

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Journal Update: Still Here, Planning My World Conquest

Well in all seriousness I am still not focused in like a laser beam on my goal to get to 250 faster then Louis. It shows in the fact that my eating is still not much improved. As far as working out I did my personal training session on Thursday and that went well. We did a run outside and then did some core work once we got back in.

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