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Journal Update: Not too much going on

This was kind of a laid back weekend really. I mostly did housework on Saturday and drove my daughter around on some errands. It was very productive and not stressful in any way. I did get to go see Super 8 again with my friends on Saturday and it was once again great. Picked up on some more stuff during the second viewing.

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In the News: Yo-Yo dieting possibly not as bad as staying fat…

Just read the following article that is going to break this down much better than I will, however in summation… If there are three groups of mice: high fat group, low fat group, yo-yo diet group, the yo-yo dieters live approximatly 35% longer than the high fat group.

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Journal Update: The last two days

Well in some good news it looks like I will be blogging for a new parenting website soon. So if anyone has suggestions for a stay at home dad who blogs please let me know. I will be in a panic for a while looking for stories I bet. It is very exciting to expand the “brand” that is me into a new area. As I mentioned in the last post I am taking development classes and it feels like pulling myself in several directions all at once now. I will tell you the title of the online magazine/blog once it posts. I am pretty excited about it.

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Journal Update: Wow it is already Thursday!

This week has been going fairly well. I am down three pounds in the last two days (getting closer to my low weight again!) This last little vacation caused me to gain two pounds but they dropped off fast. By this time next week I am going to be in the 280s. That is the goal, and so it shall be. It has been far too long and I am ready to actually to get it done.

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Kettlebell videos!

I went to visit Michael Castrogiovanni (You should view some of his Youtube stuff!) and my wife videoed some of our session where were throwing kettlebells at each other.

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Journal Update: There and back again, Los Angeles style.

Where to begin with my long weekend excursion with my wife and friends. I guess is to start by explaining the reason we went. My friend Zack made a movie Scalene, that was premiering at the Dances with Films festival out in West Hollywood. My wife and I are involved with the movie (she even has a bit part in it) and Zack is a good friend of ours so that was that. Great excuse to go out of town without the kids to an exciting place!

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Journal Update: Not perfect, but I will take it!

I often think of this quote when I try to bring balance into my life, “The perfect is the enemy of good.” It is a quote by Voltaire and it reminds me to not give up if I am not perfect. I am a very all or nothing kind of person and a long term life solution to health is not an all or nothing adventure. It takes time, patience and moderation in food, exercise and just about everything else.

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