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Journal Update: Bleck

I am writing this with a bit of sadness as I report that I have had a crappy few days. It sucks going from running a 5K on Saturday, and having a great workout on Tuesday, playing tennis on Monday and Tuesday to eating like I am about to hibernate July away. What the hell is wrong with me?!

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Journal Update: Mostly good news, survived the 5k!

Well on Saturday I ran a 5K with my wife and am still alive. I finished at 37:18 and she finished at 37:16! I had to sprint at the end to catch her. It was something I am glad I did, there were a few good hills on it which challenged us both. I ran faster than my previous 5K so at least I am improving even though I am not training for running like I was. I think I am going to work at getting faster. If you want to see the times and info just click here.

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Support the blog effort!

You may have noticed I added an Amazon banner on the right hand side of the screen! If you need to buy anything from Amazon, and you enjoy my blog I encourage you to click that link and any purchase you make on anything will actually help me cover the costs of adding content and offering more unique content. Thanks so much for all the people that support me already!

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Journal Update: Making IT! Great week so far Tuesday-Thursday!

Well I have done great this week and not done any binging! That is such a huge thing for me right now considering how often it was happening before. I think I have to credit the challenge with Louis and my other friends from the Biggest Loser Resort. It has really been a motivator this week to stay on track with my diet and get my exercise in.

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Journal Update: Sunday and Monday are kind of a bust, but it is now on like Donkey Kong

So right now I may not have been as good as I should. I have had some pizza and I have had a rallyburger in the last two days. You know what though? I feel great and that is thanks to my friend Louis.

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Journal Update: The only Magic Bullet is sold on TV and is a blender…

There is no magic bullet for weight loss (unless you count the one you buy on TV and you make healthy liquid snacks in it.)  That is one thing I was reminded of today when I went to my therapy session.  I keep looking for something that is going to just go “click” in my mind and make this binging thing go away, but it is sooo far from that simple.

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Book Review: The Binge Eating & Compulsive Overeating Workbook by Carolyn Coker Ross

I make no secret on this blog that I have a severe binge eating issue. I have been open about it with my wife, and of late shared more and more online. I addressed it in counseling before I went out to the Biggest Loser Resort, and while I was there with a life coach at the facility. It is the crux of my weight problem, and one I feel that I will be fighting with for life. It should be no surprise that I would choose a book like Dr. Ross’ to review, and I did get some good things out of it for myself.

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Journal Update: Monday through Wednesday, not much, but enough happening!

Sorry for being radio silent for so long, but I have been actually doing a decent bit of activities with the family. My son is at his father’s (ok I guess he is my stepson) so I have been with just one child to play around with this week and I had forgotten how much easier one is to handle. On Monday we went to a friends and played in the backyard, Tuesday we went to the pool and drove around running errands at stores, and on Wednesday we worked on my homework for my programming class. It has been a great few days to bond with my two year old daughter, and I have been in great spirits all week. (That image to the left is my wife on our hike Wednesday!)

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