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Mini #Fitbloggin update

This conference is amazing. The community of social fitness/wellness bloggers is an amazingly supportive group. It is very reminiscent of the groups I met while at the Biggest Loser Resort.

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Book Review: Now Eat This! DIET, by Rocco Dispirto

The Now Eat This! DIET recently published by Rocco Dispirto is like many diet books in the beginning. Rocco relates his experience gaining and losing weight, and sets out to show the readers how he got past it and what he has to share. The book outlines some basic principles of the calories in versus calories out diet, but it does it in a very well organized way.

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Just landed, now driving to my friends place

Just a quick note to those at the Fitbloggin conference. I will be at the 5K tomorrow bright and early! I am staying outside of Baltimore at a friends, but will definitely be in town early to take part in all the conference stuff. Can’t wait to meet you all.

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Where does the time go?!

Well I have once again been missing in action on my blog. This is probably not helping my readership. Hopefully there are still some of you out there that aren’t just family and friends. This is the time I hope I can document and send people back to read to know that we all struggle. I am working through it. I have decided that when I get back from Fitbloggin things are going to have to fundamentally change. I am having extreme issues at night controlling my binge urges. I think it is time to seek a little therapy out and get a personal trainer. I need to find someone I am accountable to other than myself to help spur me along. The things I keep thinking are going to motivate me and keep me on the straight and narrow are not working.

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Day 2: Still doing well

So yesterday I tried out a new format of morning, afternoon and evening, and I decided I did not like it.  So we are back to my original theme here.  I am trying to work on some of the website stuff and you may see the top of the page changed with review and some types of reviews under it.  There is nothing up there yet since I am experimenting with the formats.  Regardless this is just to keep you all in the loop as I change the site around a little.  Feel free to comment if you like or dislike the change.

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Day 1: Rebooted

The day started off a little slow since my son was up sick late at night and ended up sleeping with us. He was feeling good in the morning but we got out of bed late to get him and my daughter to preschool and parents morning out. I went to Starbucks as is my usual for days where the kids are not with me. I had a Kind bar and a venti coffee with two tablespoons of half n half and 5 packets of Splenda. Breakfast of champions!

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Day 0: Reboot.

I have  been consistently messing up so it is time to reboot and start a new plan.  My wife and I had a talk about what we both need to do to be successful over the long haul, especially given how difficult staying focus on healthy living has been with all the traveling we have been doing.  The main point is supporting each other with the correct choices.  I think we have been finding it easy to let each other off the hook on vacation or on date nights and enabling each other to cheat.  For me cheating is extra bad because it starts a cycle I have to literally break out of like a prison.

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Day 3 Post Vacation: _Insert Pseudo witty daily title_

Not too much to say today, I am taking tomorrow and Saturday off from working out for the Derby and to recover from all my kettlebell work I have been doing. My running is taking a hit since my legs are sore daily from all the kettlebell swinging I am doing. I need to work on running some more since I am doing a 5k in a couple of weeks and I don’t want to give the fat guy in gym class time I am used to for it.

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