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Journal Update: Training and on plan!

Well I have some good news to report. I have finally (knock on wood) put together a good day. This morning I had forgotten my trainer was not coming till 10AM and I showed up at 9AM. So I ended up doing a Mountain class on the treadmill(that is 12, 3 minute intervals going up the mountiain, and then you are done at the top.) About ten minutes in I remembered she was going to be showing up at 10 and just kept going. When my trainer arrived we did some time on the elliptical, which was much easier then I remembered it being, and then we did some core work. It is good to be doing things I would not normally do, and I need to push it a little more. I know I have a reserve tank and I should be using it up during these sessions.

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Journal Update: Memorial day weekend

The good:
Thank goodness this weekend is over. I ate well today (the actual Monday of Memorial Day) however I am not able to say the same for the rest of the weekend. I did do a workout today too. That is not going to excuse…

The bad:
I had a couple of very severe binges this weekend, and did not workout like I normally do.

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Winner of the two Biggest Loser Resort cookbooks is…

Continue reading this post to find out who won and a little about how I choose my winnners. Thanks to all who entered, and keep an eye out I have another set to give away and a gym bag or two.

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What does the Screaming Belt Loop even mean?

I noticed while I was at fitbloggin and here at home when I tell people my website name they kind of have a momentary blank look.  I know they are thinking, “I wonder why he chose such an odd name.”  Well there is a very tiny back story to that.

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Journal Update: Back into the breach!

I little bit of paperwork left over from yesterday, I did end up having a baked potato, Laura’s Lean Beef Meatloaf (this was something I am working on a review for and my son requested it again!) and some green beans for dinner. I did eat more after dinner than I should. I had a Lara Bar and a Kind Bar, but that is so much better then fast food I will take it!

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Today (and yesterday too) is a good day!

So normally I blog about the day before and today I am going to try to blog about what has happened both today and yesterday. First of all I ran for the first time outside in my neighborhood today and finished a 5k in a mildly hilly terrain in 39.02 minutes! I am happy with that number for now considering how sore I was. I never thought I would be running and enjoying it, but that seems to be happening more and more.

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Finale Giveaway! Biggest Loser Resort Cookbooks!

Continue reading to find out the details on how to enter the contest!

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Oddly enough going to a fitness blogging conference has decreased the amount of time I have to blog. The travel and the fact that I did not stay at the conference hotel (mistake!) cause me to be spending a good amount of time running back and forth that could have been used to absorb all the great lessons.

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