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Vacation Day 4: Mostly a casual day…

It was a stay at the timeshare kind of day. We woke up, went to the pool, I went to Starbucks to write and the kids took a nap. At night was went to the pool again and ordered some more Giordanos pizza (soooo hard to be good with that here.) I loved days like that since I am not a crowds type person so it was great.

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Vacation Day 3: Doing better, even in Orlando…

Another great day in Orlando, and today it was pool day!  We spent the majority of the morning in the pool.  I was allowed to leave about half way through to go write my blog entry yesterday at Starbucks.  I also used that time to run by the grocery and get some more lunch meat and other stuff to eat in the room.

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Vacation Days 1 and 2: Getting back on, but still on vacation

Ok so this is not the ideal time to try to get back on the horse as far as diets go.  Being in Orlando on a family vacation with my father in law here as well has some challenges when it comes to eating and eating out.  I am proud to say that since I lived here in Orlando for 3 years I was all about going to Publix and getting some sandwich stuff and fruit.  We also brought kind bars and popchips.

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Day 7 through 13 at home: Catching and keeping up, oh and sorry it has been so long!

Not going to use the typical format so that I can once again catch everyone up. It has been far from a perfect little stretch here as far as eating has gone, but the workouts have been going from good to great. I have started doing every other day kettlebell sessions and doing 50 reps and about 5-8 sets of 2 handed swings mixed in with some one handed swings and some modified squats. On top of that I have been doing some single treadings again. When I get back from Orlando in about 10 days I will be getting back on the couch to 5k wagon to prepare myself for fitbloggin.

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At home day 6: An evening with friends

It was a good day all in all.  I was not perfect, but not too terribly bad.  I went to workout with my wife today and we decided to hike the cardinal greenway that is right next to the gym instead.  It was pretty but a little cold.  Glad for the change of pace the treadmill gets very old at times.  You have to love the wonderful artist in Richmond that did that to the sign for the greenway entrance.

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At home day 5: Things are looking up…

Well as mentioned in the last post when I weighed this morning I was down to 290.2. I am getting close to my all time low for this half of my life which is 279/280. Some great things the I have noticed is fitting in my old suit and I am down to the second to last hole on my belt (yes the one in the picture at the top of the site.)

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Quick weight loss update

I am down to 290.2 as of this morning (Thursday.) It is time to celebrate some of my achievements rather then being down on myself. My goal was to get into the 280s last week and that did not happen, but my other goal was to fit into my old interviewing suit to wear to the derby this year. I met that goal already when I tried the suit on day before yesterday. It fit with some room to spare so I am set for the derby. Things are looking up towards the end of this week, and so far today I have already worked out and eaten well. Well, break is over, back to it. Have a good day all of you and stay focused.

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At Home Day 4, Wednesday: Things are going better, whew!

I have survived the storm that was the beginning of the week. This is definitely a hump day to remember. I am back on track and things are looking up. It was not a great workout day, and I did eat out twice, but I was in control the entire time. I had felt like I had lost control there for a bit, but things are getting back to normal.

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