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Weightloss update, down 3 more pounds!

Just thought I would share that today I hit 294 which is down another 3 pounds.  Maybe I can shed that 4 pounds by Sunday?  Wishful thinking!

1 comment March 31, 2011

4 days till resort: Great few days!

It has been a great few days as far as weightloss efforts go. I have been to the gym everyday, and eaten on plan each day! Mix that in with going to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum with my wife and kids and it adds up to feeling pretty good.

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Article at Healthy Day on stress/sleep and weightloss!

New article about stress, sleep and the affects on weightloss. Check it out, and make sure you are taking steps to get good sleep and working out to relieve that stress! Here is a quote:

“We found that people who got more than six but less than eight hours of sleep, and who reported the lowest levels of stress, had the most success in a weight-loss program,” said study author Dr. Charles Elder.

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6 days till resort: Good Monday, bad weekend, all good

It has been forever since I have updated! Sorry about that, this weekend I wasin a serious funk and took it out on my body as usual. All is better this week though. With just 6 days to go I am totally back on track, eating well, swinging kettlebells and finishing week 7 of couch to 5k. I will have a big post up for Tuesday, but I did not want to go another day without adding something about what is going on with me personally. Thanks so much for keeping up with me, I am still here and working towards my goals!

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10 days till resort: Good day finally!

I finished a 25 minute run at 5mph and that has me pretty pumped. I was worried after not being able to finish it last week that I was going to have to do a whole extra week, but it looks like that was a fluke and I am going to be able to move on.

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Now we take you away from our regularly scheduled program (A plug for my brother-in-law)

Hey, if you enjoy reading this site, I would greatly appreciate the support for my brother in law’s current furniture design he has submitted to a competition on  He is a designer who graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design and currently works out of Seattle.  You can vote here.  And a write up about it is here.

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11 days till resort: Wow time flies when you are struggling.

Not the worst day, not the best day, these are the days of changing my life. I had a good day mentally since I got to hang out with a couple of friends all morning. We went to have coffee at two different places and ended up going to eat at a Mexican place for lunch (I was good.) It was a nice break from my typical stay at home dad day. They are both stay at home dads as well so it is good to be able to have people that understand you can vent to. My only problem is that I did not go to the gym. So no formal exercise, but I will elucidate on the non formal exercising later. =)

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12 days till resort: Off the wagon and on the wagon

Not going to dwell on it but last night I ate dinner to avoid eating out when we went to a birthday party out of town.  Well that plan backfired as I ate off of a couple of appetizers and a small piece of birthday cake.  I am once again disappointed and it seem like my blog is becoming a pattern of unhealthy choices rather than healthy.

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