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Screaming Belt Loop’s First prize giveaway!

I love me some popchips and I think a great way to spread the love, and gain some attention for my new blog is to giveaway a variety pack of Popchips, 24 in all!  The giveaway is valued at 25 dollars (plus whatever shipping would be.)  All you have to do to enter is to follow me on twitter @SBLoopDotCom and tweet the following: I am entering @SBLoopDotCom @popchips giveaway. Check out for more details, retweet and follow to enter!

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At home day 21, spending the day with the kids at home, and still finishing up with couch to 5k week 4 day 2!

Well today my wife worked from 7am till 4pm so it was me and the kids all day! It was a fun day I got a blog post done and some household chores done. I did not get to workout in the morning since there is no childcare at the gym on Sunday. I ended up going to the gym with my wife after she got home, and we actually got a babysitter to do it.

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At home day 20, Biggest Loser casting call trip to Indianapolis, and ironically a “unhealthy” choice day

Well today I drove about an hour and half to the Biggest Loser casting call in Shelbyville, IN which is right outside Indianapolis.  The casting call was at a Casino/Racetrack and there was plenty of parking and a shuttle.  Everyone there had a smile on their face and had questions and comments over things they had heard about the casting call.  The vibe was very positive despite the thought we were all going to be standing in huge lines.

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At home day 19, Kettlebells, and starting couch to 5k!

It was a great day for working out considering I finally got to do kettlebells again. That would have made for a great day, but I also started the couch to 5k program for running. The best thing was realizing that I had started on week four day 1 instead of week 1 day 1.

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First food review: Biggest Loser Simply Sensible Lasagna with Meat Sauce

Well I am looking to add some different kinds of content and I love cooking, and also love finding quick fix things to make life easier while raising the kids. I plan on posting recipes, but my first addition is going to be packaged food reviews for the stay at home dad or mom, or even the busy working parents out there. Getting your food and the kids food ready is challenging.

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At home day 18, Date night and one pound and one more loop down.


Another successful eat day! I am happy once again to report a good workout and successful eating. I lost another pound and another belt loop. The belt loop is always a huge motivator because it means I am closer and closer to new clothes.

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At home day 17, Double treading is back, food is on point today, and I am heading to fitbloggin!


Today was a much better day as far as food went. I stayed on plan today and I made it to the gym. Score and score! I also went to my piano lesson (yes I am taking piano lessons with my kids,) took the kids to school, and found about an hours worth of time to do some work on the new blog at Starbucks for an hour. The only thing I have not been able to get today is studying my ACSM books.

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At home day 16, Treading again, and figuring out that we eat out a ton!


It is weird how you can see yourself and your life one way and then notice you were pretty far off. I have noticed that since I have been home and blogging that we eat out a ton. I mean I knew we ate out a decent bit, but I always felt that I cooked quite a bit at home and that was the bulk of it, but today we ate out for two meals. I think a large part of it is being social. For example the second time I went out today was to do kids night at Fazolis where they have someone to color with the kids and you can hang out with your friends with kids. I was there with my friends Zack, Laura and Kevin and we had about 5 kids with us. It was nice to have adult time and kid time and a good dinner.

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