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Week 4, Day 7 And Week 5, Day 1 – Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

IMG_7717So Saturday I signed up to do the 4 mile run/walk in Arcade, NY despite the forecast of rain and guess what happened? Yeah, it rained an amazing amount on us and it was breezy and cold. It was a pretty miserable four mile walk since I was in shorts and a t-shirt that were both soaked and adding extra weight to my every step. I was lucky that my soaked through shoes did not make any of my blisters worse.

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Week 4, Day 6 – Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

IMG_7694I went to stretch for the second day in a row today and I am really enjoying it. The trainer I have had is Mary Beth and it is a very relaxed atmosphere and the stretch also takes away any stress you woke up with. It really helped me out because all of the pool classes from the day before really tired me out and I was very sore.

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Week 4, Day 5 – Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

IMG_7691Well I had thought to save most of this for a post on the differences between Niagara and Utah/Malibu but I am a annoyed about it so I will vent now. At both Malibu and Utah there are no other people staying at the resort with you. You are only with guests, staff and trainers, and it is wonderful. You do not have to explain yourself to any other people and better yet other people do not distract the staff from attending to you while you undergo a very stressful and EXPENSIVE life event. In the Niagara resort there are other groups that come and stay and up until this point it has only been a slight annoyance but that has ended.

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Week 4, Day 4 – Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

IMG_7690Today was a really good, but really challenging day for me at the resort. I started off waking up at 6AM for no good reason and was really sore from the past two days of working out. I think it is because I have started doing less modifications to my exercises like push ups and it is taking a toll on my muscles while they adjust. It is a good sore, not debilitating, but omnipresent. I really pushed myself hard despite the soreness, and worked out harder than I thought I could.

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Week 4, Day 3 – Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

IMG_7668I had the thought that I am going to run out of things to say about the food and workouts pretty soon. I have gone through all of the descriptions of both food and workouts and I have already had all the food from this week in my first week here. I missed the week two menu items. Just a warning from this point on if your are anxiously awaiting new and exciting foods. If I come back during a menu change I will make sure to mention it in this section.

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Week 4, Day 2 – Biggest Loser Resort Niagara

IMG_7657It feels good to be back and have several friends still left here. I missed so many people here and it is nice to come back to warm greetings as I begin to workout till exhaustion all day again. One thing I have been enjoying is playing games after classes with people now. We played Cranium on Sunday night and tonight we played an elimination style basketball game in the water after dinner. Another 2 hours of working out, but it was a blast!

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Back In The Saddle Again – Week 4, Day 1(First Return Week)

I was on the road fairly early around 9 and had not eaten so I grabbed some coffee and a lowfat chicken sausage wrap from Starbucks. Getting out of town was a priority, but I went so fast I left the card game I bought to bring back to the resort! ARGH! Anyway, the trip was fairly uneventful. I stopped to eat at a Panera and chicken noodle soup and half a flatbread thai wrap. It was 470 calories total and very filling.

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At Home Day 7 – Last Day Before Another Two Weeks At The Resort!

IMG_7649I feel like today is the final exam for my “Life At Home” week. My wife has planned adult game night this evening and I am going to have to entertain and have some health options for me (and guests if they so choose.) It is kind of exciting for me because I want to be more social, but every time I start a life change I find that I try to limit my exposure to my friends since they all seem to bond through food and booze. I plan on enjoying the company and games tonight with some hummus wraps, melon skewers and caprese salad skewers.

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