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Book Review: The Binge Eating & Compulsive Overeating Workbook by Carolyn Coker Ross

I make no secret on this blog that I have a severe binge eating issue. I have been open about it with my wife, and of late shared more and more online. I addressed it in counseling before I went out to the Biggest Loser Resort, and while I was there with a life coach at the facility. It is the crux of my weight problem, and one I feel that I will be fighting with for life. It should be no surprise that I would choose a book like Dr. Ross’ to review, and I did get some good things out of it for myself.

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Book Review: Now Eat This! DIET, by Rocco Dispirto

The Now Eat This! DIET recently published by Rocco Dispirto is like many diet books in the beginning. Rocco relates his experience gaining and losing weight, and sets out to show the readers how he got past it and what he has to share. The book outlines some basic principles of the calories in versus calories out diet, but it does it in a very well organized way.

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