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New study show similarity between drug and food addiction

This article published by the LA Times is a great read and shows a new study from Yale about food addiction. The subjects brains were scanned and unsurprisingly the resulting scans were similar to scans produced by drug addicts. Check it out here.

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Article at Healthy Day on stress/sleep and weightloss!

New article about stress, sleep and the affects on weightloss. Check it out, and make sure you are taking steps to get good sleep and working out to relieve that stress! Here is a quote:

“We found that people who got more than six but less than eight hours of sleep, and who reported the lowest levels of stress, had the most success in a weight-loss program,” said study author Dr. Charles Elder.

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In the News: WHO: Epidemics of Underweight and Overweight Growing

Very interesting article about the problems in all countries, developed and developing, of the availability of high processed sugar and fat products. It is amazing that both problems of under and over nutrition are happening in the same places!

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LA Times article – Food depression: Eating bad may make you sad

A very interesting article about the link between trans fat foods and depression.  There is a link to the publisher of the study PLoS One.

I can sum the article up for you, eat trans fat foods have increased risk of heart problems and become a likely depressing candidate.  Eat polyunsaturated fats and be healthier and happier.  It is more complicated then that, but did you really need a study to know that?

I have to mention I found this article through the Biggest Loser Resort Blog, check it out!

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