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At home Day 4, Thursday and my aching foot!

Well today I went to the doctor’s office for a weigh in and to check my blood pressure.  I have been weighing in every month since around September to qualify for a lap band procedure.  Surgery has never been what I wanted to do, but I am quickly approaching my 35th birthday and if I am unable to do this through will power I will fix it the other way (or attempt to.)  The good news right now is I am not going to consider the surgery.  The resort has put me in a great mindset and has set me up to succeed without the added risk.  My blood pressure was actually very good compared to the past and in another 10-20 pounds I may be off my medication for it.  My weight change since weighing in on the 4th of January is 30 pounds down.  I thought they would be more excited about it at the office, but I guess people hit 30 pounds a month in there all the time… sheesh!  It was a great feeling, and I wish we could afford both mentally and financially for me to do it all again.  I think Jen would shoot me if I tried to sneak away. =)

It was good timing to be at the doctor so I had her look at more cut/sore on my foot and fortunateness she said it was athlete’s foot (yuck!) and that with treatment the pain would go away and it would heal.  Very annoying, and slightly gross!

I forgot to wear my fitbit!  ARGH!

Watch stats: Burned 315 calories during my 30 minutes of kettlebell

I did do my 30 minutes of kettlebells today sweat like a maniac.  It was good to get it done and my new 36 pound bell really kicks my a$$.  I did not feel up for treadmill action today because just walking around is killing my foot.  I have to get this healed up.  I went and got a ton of medication and bandages, I won’t stay off this foot for more than a day or two.  I can’t get out of the habit of my cardio.

Breakfast once again was a turkey sausage, egg english muffin.  I enjoyed meatloaf I made last night (from the resort cookbook) for lunch and had veggies with 1 cup of brown rice and some braggs aminos.  It was a pretty big lunch, and unfortunately Jen did not like the meatloaf so it is all me!  Dinner was a meatloaf sandwich on bread thins, and more veggies with 1/2 cup of rice and braggs.  I also had a bowl of Pacific brand low sodium roasted red pepper and tomato soup (low sodium) and it was great for only 100 calories!  Dessert will once again be…. chocolate covered strawberries, and I made a new batch of them tonight!  I had a 150 calorie snack today of Pop chips!  They are great and you get a decent amount for the calories and they really taste like a puffy potato chip.  Our dietitian at the resort, Jessica Hummel,  showed them to me on our grocery trip and I am very grateful!  Jen and the kids loved them too so they are going to be a good go to snack.  I ordered some through amazon, but I found them at Kroger today in the healthy chip area.  Why do they have to keep the healthy stuff separate?

There are a few new pictures in this album, but you probably have seen most!

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At Home on the new living plan.. Days one and two combined!


Today was a bit tough to get back in to the swing of things.  I noticed I was out of it trying to get the kids off to school.  Normally I am a fine oiled machine of efficiency, but a month off has really changed that.  Thank goodness Jen was home in the morning to help get us all moving.

I did work out today, but it is weird working out only 2 hours…  I know that sounds odd but I felt like I was slacking.  Does anyone else feel like that now that you are home?   I mean I really gave it my all for those 2 hours, but compared to a hike or my 3 afternoon classes it just was so far from what I am used to now.  My legs are burned out still from last week.  I guess I really pushed it to have them still fatigued.

None really applicable since I forgot my fitbit and forgot to wear my heart monitor during workouts!

I woke up before the kids were awake and got 25 minutes of kettlebells in.  I did 4 sets of 25 two handed swings, 4 sets of 25 on each single hand between the leg swings, 4 sets of 25 switching from handed to hand between the legs, and 3 sets of 20 single handed outside swings.  That was definitely a good start to the morning.  About 30 minutes later my wife and I were at the gym and I did a treading class (our treadmills go up to 15 incline here too..  Great huh?) and after I did the treading class I did a dynamic stretching session (like Sam teaches at the resort) and then just went out and watched my wife finish her arm workout.

I am really having a difficult time with thinking I am taking it easy.  I did have a completely wet shirt from my workout, but I am used to going through 3 shirts a day at the resort.  Spacing it out is kind of difficult mentally.

For breakfast I had a piece of turkey sausage, not the best breakfast, but it was all I could get in considering how slow I was with the kids.  Lunch was at Chilli’s so I had a decent challenge in finding something I could eat.  After some quick intelligence gathering on my phone I learned a bowl of their Green Chile soup was 200 calories, and that just the skillet portion of their chicken fajitas was 330 calories.  I added one flour tortilla since they do not carry corn tortillas and that was another 130 calories.  It was an expensive caloric lunch, but well within my limit.  Dinner was simply a turkey burger, with veggies and 3 small chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.  I also had an apple and an 80 calorie Luna bar for snacks during the day.

*Note I am going to be adding pictures to the weekly album and describing them in the captions of the pictures, I will mention it in updates on twitter and facebook when I add the pictures. Also, Tuesday’s blog post will be under this picture section.

Well I felt really weak yesterday in my legs so today I am taking a rest day.  I had thought I would just wait for the weekend, but I think I need it.  Wednesday I plan to hit the kettlebells and gym again while the kids are in school so that will be good.

Getting back in the swing of things here is difficult, especially with Jen on two night shifts in a row.  I am trying to get readjusted and adding in the new cooking routine.  It is a bit bumpy, but I think I will get it all together by the end of the week.  Just ordered a new blender for the soups I make, and ordered some stuff from to help finish out the grocery pantry.  We can’t get everything at the stores in this small town, but I can fill the gaps with online shopping fairly well.

Only about 4500 steps for the day today.  Taking it easy, doing some laundry and cooking a good lunch were the priorities.

Carrying laundry baskets up 4 flights of stairs and chasing children was all I got in today.  about 15k fewer steps today then a typical resort day.

Had a good tomato, egg, egg beater omelet this morning.  Followed it up with some mushroom soup from the resort cookbook I bought, with a turkey burger and veggies.  Dinner was left over Sushi, around 8 pieces and I would estimate it at 400-450 calories.  All in all a great food day.  Tomorrow I plan on making turkey meatloaf and also working on turkey meatballs for the rest of the week.

Slideshow/Pictures: See above…

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Day 28, Homeward bound…

Well the formatting does not really fit a day like this, so I will just go freestyle.  I ate breakfast on the resort while I waited for my shuttle and ate eggs and toast once again.  I said some more sad goodbyes, and road in with 3 other guests.  The drive was easy going considering it was a Sunday.  I made it to the airport and through security with plenty of time and watch some TV shows on my Ipad.

I was very happy to be able to wear my goal outfit home.  I wore a shirt two sizes smaller, and jeans one size smaller (it could have been two,) and a brand new belt I haven’t been able to wear for a couple of years.  It is amazing fitting into old clothes.  It is one of the most motivational things.  I would recommend bringing some near fits to the resort to go home in for motivation.  It worked out of me and I didn’t think it was really possible to get into my shirt.  Needless to say my wife was pretty excited to see me in it when she picked me up at the airport.

As far as the flight went I did have a roast beef sandwich and I am sure it was at least 550-600 calories considering the bread and cheese.  I didn’t have any peanuts or other snack foods.  I enjoyed a nice coke zero and I did not need a seatbelt extender on the flight and was finally comfortable flying home.  I watched three one hour TV shows and next thing I knew it I was landing.

It was so amazing to see my wife and she was surprised by how much I had changed.  I have missed my family so much and seeing her made my day.  We tried to go to a Thai restaurant but it was closed and found a nearby Sushi place.  I had some edamame, pot stickers, miso soup and some great sushi rolls.  It was very not diet, but great to have a treat with my wife.  Monday it is back on the plan 100%, and there is always my 10% of non-healthy food choices I am going to allow myself.

Anyway, the rest of the night was great, and I went ahead and gave my wife all the presents I bought even though I was supposed to save them for anniversary, valentines day and her birthday!  I was so glad to see her it was tough to hold out.

Hope everyone is doing well, and I miss all of my friends I have made back on the ranch and those people that are already back home.  Hope your Sunday went well.

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Day 27, Last day before my flight home…

Well I went ahead and weighed in on Saturday since I am not sure I can make my shuttle and weigh in on Sunday morning.  I will try to sneak an additional weigh in on Sunday, but not new measurements.  I lost 27.2 pounds, 5.5 inches around my chest, 5 inches around my belly and 3.25 inches around my waist.  I am not going to lie and say I wasn’t hoping for more numbers wise, but it is an amazing jump start into going home.  I am much more fit and able to workout than before I got here.  I moved up from the slower vans to the fastest one here and kept up with my groups on the hikes.  Losing weight is a mentally challenging game because we are all caught up in the numbers.  One thing I will say is I got in my goal clothing while here.  The inches lost mean I have gained muscle while losing fat as well so that is great!

Once again, it was both a happy and sad event at graduation.  I am going to miss people here so much, and I am glad I get to keep in touch with so many.  Like I said last night at graduation it is hard to leave a place where you find a whole new amazing family every week.  That being said I want to again thank my beautiful wife and children for allowing me to come out here.  I know it was difficult on them and I will always appreciate that they helped me start this journey, and are supportive and loving in every way I could dream.

Fitbit stats were: 5424 calories burned, 21,450 steps taken, and 10.79 miles traveled

Watch calories burned: 2500 calories

We did the Paramount Ranch hike this Saturday and it actually was fairly strenuous this time.  It was great hiking with my hiking group from this week as well as some new friends I had made during the week.  I got a great calories burn for a Saturday.

As far as other classes, I did not make the stretch class post hike (I did do a 30 minute one by myself earlier) but I had a final kettlebell session with Michael and burned close to 600 calories.  I am excited to get back home and on with my kettlebell training.  Someone came out and video’d me throwing them around, and once I do a little editing I will post them.  It is kind of embarrassing because my shirt is way too big and I had to tuck my shorts bottoms into my underwear so I could move them between my legs.  So you have been warned!  I will post them though regardless of the embarrassment.

An additional bit of exercise occurred when I went to the mall with some of my new friends and walked around Thousand Oaks mall for probably 2 hours.  That was an additional mile or three.

Breakfast was eggs and toast, lunch was asian chicken wraps and roasted red pepper soup, and dinner was a cobb salad which I ditched in favor of a boca burger.


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Day 26, Last full day of workouts, and thank goodness I am beat!

Today was a tough day since it is both the end of a hard week, and the end of my trip here.  After my hike on Thursday through Zuma and my training session on kettlebells my muscles are just fried.  I am once again running out of muscle before I run out of breath, and that is frustrating.  A good thing I found out after doing my RMR (resting metabolic rate) rest is that I burn 2866 calories just resting throughout the day.  That means I can eat 1800 calories a day and still lose 3 pounds a week.

One great thing today was finding out that I helped motivate someone to get another week here. Sam was telling us at lunch that when we push it hard in the classes and on the hike we inspire both the trainers and other guests to push harder.  I think that energy in fact pushed me, and it all kind of builds on itself here.  I really can’t express how positive this experience has been.  I would come back no matter how fit I get just to get my head and body in the right place.

I did the grocery trip with one of our dietitians and even though I missed a class because of it I really got a ton out of it.  I am beating myself up now for not taking pictures of everything she showed us, but I will take pictures at my grocery at home and try to share it with you all.

After dinner/lecture tonight I got to hang out with some great people and share photos of home and just hang out.  Usually I have been so tired that just doesn’t happen.  I am going to miss all the people I met this week as well.  It seemed to go by so fast.

I also had another great counseling session with Essara, and I feel more and more confident about going home and succeeding.  Setting some near and long term goals and making them part of my life is a  big part of my journey.  Essara has really helped me flesh out things I want, has helped me think through some strategies to help when things are hard.  I highly recommend no matter how long or short your stay you get some counseling.  Essara is great at digging in really fast and providing tools to help you along.

My fitbit was not with me all day!  Argh!

Watch calories burned: 3456 calories!

Today’s hike was Oceanview and it is a difficult hike.  Some think it is the most difficult because of how steep it is, but I still vote on Reverse and Straight through Zuma.  It was a tough hike because my legs were just blown out from all the work this week.  I would push and nothing would happen because they were just exhausted.  The only good part of that is everyone else had the same issue (minus all those fit guides!) and so we all stayed together on the hike more or less.  It was a great calorie burn and a good way to end the week. My Saturday hike will be paramount ranch and I know that will be fairly easy.

As far as exercise went it was not the best day for me.  I missed my first afternoon class because I was late getting back from the grocery, and then I did two pool classes.  I was crazy sore and it is frustrating to not be able to give it your all in classes.  I still burned some decent calories though.

For breakfast I had eggs and toast instead of the parfait.  Lunch was parsnip soup and a chicken caesar salad.  The soup needed some hot sauce and some liquid amino (soy sauce substitute) and it was good, the salad was amazing.  Dinner was a turkey burger and veggies with chocolate coconut sorbet for dessert.  The burger was great, I love the ketchup here.


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USA Today article being shot while I was here is out!

Just thought I would drop this link here on the blog.  This USA Today article was shot while I was here on the ranch.  The photographer was a great guy, and I ended up in the background of some of the videos.  It does a good job going through a stay here.  I highly recommend it for people that are reading my blog before they head out.  Here is the link:



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Day 24, Last hump day at the resort and I survived.

Today was a pretty good day all things considered.  I was kind of out of it after I got back from the hike and one of my trainers suggested that I try eating fruit after my afternoon classes.  They explained that I might just be out of it from lack of calories because of my relative size and how hard I am working out.  I have to say I think they were right after my first class and extra fruit I felt more into the classes.

One of the great lessons you learn here is how to actually interpret what your body wants.  I think I had things so out of whack I never knew whether I was really hungry, bored, stressed, or thirsty.  After getting away from the fat and salt and eating what I need I am really becoming confident about choosing when I eat more, and what I eat.  They tell you here to try to make the best choices 90% of the time, and you have 10% to make less healthy choices.  They don’t call it cheating, they call it making less healthy choices.  It is a different mindset and one I am trying very hard to adopt.

I walked 22,838 steps and 11.6 miles and burned 5,300 calories via my fitbit

Watch calories burned: 3600 calories (I did a stretch class extra today, and my watch stopped working for a bit)

The hike today was at the beach and it was freezing and the winds were about 20-30 mph gusts.  I decided not to walk in the sand today just because it really messes my toes up.  I did walk in the sand on the second beach because that is the only option.  It was a decent hike, but the people of Miller Lite were there filming a bootcamp commercial (probably for the superbowl) and there were some really cool tents and things set up.  Also, there were about 50 models there freezing in their swimsuits doing exercises all over the place.  Not necessarily a bad day at the beach if you are a guy.

As far as exercise went I woke up and did Sam’s stretch class, then after the hike I did Micaela’s stretch class.  The two different stretch classes are completely different.  Sam stretches you after his has given your muscles a slight workout so they are warm.  Micaela’s stretch is a calm down stretch class which is amazing after a rough hike.  It almost puts you to sleep you get so relaxed.  My post lunch classes were H2O intervals, kickboxing with Ursula and finally Mountain with John.  Once again, mountain is a cardio class with 12 increases that you decide on.  You increase speed and/or resistance 12 times for 3 minutes each and then cool down.  John tried to make us do the 10th increase 2 times, and we argued and whined and he said his watch was at 27 minutes and he thought we were messing with him….  Well two minutes later he just says, “Ok, my watch is stuck at 27!”  So we all shared a laugh and ended up not doing the extra increase. Guess you had to be there, but believe me it was funny.

 Today for breakfast they were serving a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with berries.  I decided to go the eggs and toast route instead because the PB&J is not worth the calories to me.  For lunch we had pumpkin soup, which is fantastic, and greek pizzas.  The pizzas are good, and I like to put hot sauce on mine believe it or not.  For dinner we had a salmon filet with asparagus and orzo pasta.  That is a truly great meal here if you like fish.  Dessert was a simple fruit skewer with some raspberry sauce on it.  Once again, no chocolate covered strawberries, but still good.


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Day 23, fast van and all…

Today was a rough day for some reason.  The hike through Chessboro really took a ton out of me today, and I am wondering if I am getting enough sleep.  I am usually in bed by 8 or 9 but I get up around 4:30. You know it is a rough day when several people ask you if you feel okay and if you are getting enough sleep.  Leslie told me that usually I am chipper in the afternoon and that I looked ready to go to bed.  After my training session with Michael and Sam I was just going through the motions for the rest of the day.  I made it to all of my classes so that is a plus.  No double pool for me on Tuesday.  I have a fear Wednesday may not be the same considering all the aches I have right now.

I spent a big portion of my hike worrying that I was not going to be able to keep up with the group, and I did end up at the back of the group but stayed with them for the most part.  I think I just let myself get mentally taxed as well as physically.

Fitbit stats were, 23860 steps, 13.36 miles traveled, and 5520 calories burned.

Watch calories burned: 4100 calories (estimated since my monitor was off during my training session)

The hike kicked my butt today.  It was Chessboro (sp?) canyon and we did a few optional hills.  It ended up being a 6 mile hike but at the pace we went it just wrung out my strength for the day.  After the hike I did a training session with Michael with kettlebells which was amazing as usual.  This time Sam joined so he could get some training in with them and that was actually more fun.  Sam had not done them in a long time so Michael let me teach him the two handed swing to show that I had learned it properly.  Sam picked it all up pretty fast and he was passing two kettlebells at the same time by the end of the class.  I think partner passing is such a great way to burn calories and not notice how hard you are working.

My classes for the day were, pool, cardio circuit, total toning (Abby and Carol kicked our butts) and finally a pool with Ursula.  I got through them all just barely.

Breakfast was eggs and toast since I didn’t want the muffin.  Lunch was quinoa lettuce wraps which are amazing here.  You just need to add either some hot sauce or ask for the liquid aminos with them.  That is a soy sauce substitute which is great.  Also we had some tomato soup which I had to put hot sauce in again.  Dinner was Sheppards pie, mixed veggies, and a chocolate parfait for dessert.  The  sheppards pie was good, but I did put a little ketchup on it.  The chocolate parfait was amazing, and Willie at our table found all sorts of new ways to get every last drop of it out of the champagne flutes.


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